Freewheel customer delivery


Sponsored Ridesharing

Freewheel is a rideshare focused marketing solution for retail, restaurant brands, and other brick and mortar businesses. Our clients can easily integrate Freewheel into their existing selling strategy. Increase the size of your total addressable market by serving those who are ready to purchase but have issues getting to your business. Reward loyalty customers who will spend more repeatedly when you offer a paid ride. Freewheel integrates easily, is directly measurable and broadens your sales opportunities.


Automated Dispatch, Your Brand Experience

Rides can be hailed automatically by API. You customer can schedule or request rides from your mCommerce page or loyalty app.  The branding of the experience becomes a part of your omni-channel customer journey.


One-to-One Marketing Results

A sponsored ride marketing offer generates valuable data to enhance the value of your customer base. We can help you deploy conversational marketing, video ads, surveys, and even instruct the driver to make a personal greeting on your behalf  while the customer is in transport. Their attention is yours.